From intelligent automation tool for everyone
to enterprise-grade intelligent workforce platform

When the digital dividend declines, companies can accelerate the construction of their own intelligent workforce,
empower employees, improve business efficiency, reduce operating costs, and recreate brand new customer value
through intelligent automation of various business workflows.

ENCOO focuses on platform-level RPA products
ENCOO collection of RPA products empowers enterprises
from intelligent automation of single business workflows
to building a complete intelligent productivity platform.

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Enterprise-grade Intelligent Process Automation Platform

Process discovering tool for everyone

ENCOO Spark serves business people with automation needs. Through online toolbox, it is easy to discover and sort out tasks suitable for RPA. Take ownership of intelligent automation.


Simple and intelligent process automation development tool

ENCOO Studio targets RPA developers. ENCOO Studio provides interactive interface, you can develop RPA processes through dragging and dropping activities.

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Enterprise-grade RPA management center

ENCOO Console serves enterprise-grade RPA platform management team. Schedule robot intelligently. Manage RPA workforce easily

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Stable execution of automated processes

ENCOO robot is a stable, efficient and secure RPA executor.
Provide you with scalable digital workforce

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Accumulate RPA assets and enable scalability

ENCOO Automation Bank stores the internal RPA processes and related information. It enables sharing RPA knowledge and expanding RPA workforce. It is enterprise-grade RPA intelligence tank.

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Easily access to a a large number of activities, processes and AI technologies.

ENCOO Market targets enterprise-grade users and individual developers. Automation Bank stores the internal RPA processes and experience, sharing RPA knowledge and expanding workforce.

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Drag-to-use AI application center

ENCOO AI Hub connects AI algorithms and business processes. It covers AI abilities of vendors, and allows developers to test the abilities. It accelerates the integration of AI technology to business process.

Customize document understanding ability

It applies to non-generic pdf documents. Use a small number of samples and quickly customize the document understanding model through drawing frames to give the robot the ability to understand documents and automate document processing.

Customizable human-machine collaboration center

ENCOO panel is a human-machine collaboration center designed for business users ENCOO Panel contains zero-code editor, enables the ability to create customized interface quickly. It enables users to interact with RPA robots easily, make the robots available for everyone.

Customize the interface with zero-code.

ENCOO Panel is designed for business users ENCOO Panel contains zero-code editor, It enables users to interact with RPA robots easily, make the robots available for everyone.

Why You Choose ENCOO RPA Platform

  • 高效的rpa

    Efficient process editing experience

  • 企业级rpa

    Enterprise-grade RPA Platform

  • rpa生态

    Open RPA ecology

  • 人工智能

    Leading artificial intelligence

  • rpa部署

    Flexible deployment model

  • rpa服务

    Professional service ability

ENCOO RPA Studio uses an intuitive and efficient graphical interface, which can design complex processes with simple drag and drop, and the learning cost is low. The Studio has hundreds of built-in automation and artificial intelligence activities,which is deeply integrated with other software and works out of the box without additional programming.

ENCOO RPA is deeply integrated with the Windows, which uses the underlying native drivers of the system to provide accurate and reliable automation technology for enterprises.

ENCOO RPA platform has unparalleled openness and scalability. Through the rich activity market and process market, users can embed powerful automation and AI capabilities in the ecosystem into the process by simply dragging and dropping, enough to meet the needs of various industries.

ENCOO RPA platform provides a large number of built-in AI skills to automate more business scenarios. We have established an open market for AI activities, and new AI skills are constantly being added to the market. You can use off-the-shelf AI activities, or get them from the market, or you can integrate enterprise-defined AI algorithm.

The flexible deployment model not only supports enterprise-grade privatization deployment, but also supports simple and convenient public cloud services, providing comprehensive support for the operation and maintenance needs of different enterprises. At the same time, it has a flexible billing model, including annual payment and pay-as-you-go, which can adapt to the needs of different scenarios.

We provide professional teams to sort out all aspects of the process with enterprises, RPA implementation of scientific planning, implementation and monitoring of the whole operating efficiency, continuing to provide customers with customized services, enabling enterprises to improve efficiency.

They choose ENCOO RPA to move towards intelligent process automation


ENCOO Intelligent RPA has non-invasive and lightweight features, helping employees complete repetitive work. RPA saves above 50% in the average cost of each related process by using robots to automate core processes and execute various RPA transactions every month.

Wen Liu
--Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm


Considering the situation of traditional peak season, ENCOO tailored RPA process solution for us. Making the rational allocation of workload simultaneously to enhance efficiency and quality and seamless connection between the processes.

Ellen Wu
--General Manager of Innovation Accelerator


ENCOO RPA actually brings us a very innovative idea, allowing us to solidify some repetitive and simple processes to save additional labor costs and improve efficiency,which has made outstanding contributions to our internationalization strategy.

Yan Wang
--CIO of Chervon

Diverse industry intelligent RPA solutions

Hundreds of companies trust ENCOO RPA platform


Innovator in global RPA

ENCOO RPA platform is core product independently developed by ENCOOTECH , committed to providing intelligent robots and solutions for various industries. Energized by RPA, enterprise continues to create customer values and accelerate digital transformation. Currently, ENCOOTECH has hundreds of employees in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Suzhou and Tokyo, Japan with branches and Encootech R&D centers.

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